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Sending Hounds of Love to their Forever Homes

DHEx works with on the ground rescue groups and individuals to help aid in shelter, veterinary care, transport dogs to qualifying foster and adoption organizations in North America and Europe. Donations and fees will go directly to payment of Veterinary bills for shots, neutering, etc.


On The Ground Help


Aid In Shelter


Veterinary Care

Be A Flight Buddy

Are you flying from Qatar or the UAE to North America or Europe? If so you can help Express a Hound to his or her new home. Without a flight buddy, it would be impossible to send our Hounds to new homes and a better life. It is a major way to volunteer and will cost you nothing at all. The expense will be covered by us.

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Golden Retriever Jasper, 22-month-old and LuLu, 9-month-old, watch sunrise along a shore at Fort Morgan Beach in Alabama.

Please take time to read about wonderful family dogs that are available to forever loving homes.

Some are available now and some need fostering and support before they can fly to their family. And as you read about them, you will see all are special.

We will be regularly updating this site with information and videos on all the great desert hounds on their way home. So please sign in, or even become a member and help make a difference. 

Thank you for your interest  and support!