Please also visit our Facebook page and see who might be coming up for adoption. Read their stories and ask us lots of questions.

We want to take the time to make sure that all our dogs find the right home.

If you have any questions on the adoption process, please contact us.

Ownership and care of a dog is a serious long term commitment that all members of a household must consider and agree to before adoption. We strive to ensure that all are aware and willing to accept the responsibilities of the ownership and care of a pet or working dog.

Please note that all dogs sent for foster or adoption will have completed required vaccinations, deworming, and veterinary treatments and received a microchip. Age appropriate, all dogs will be neutered or spayed.

The questions in the application are intended to assist you in your consideration, to give us more information to place the dog of your interest and best match with a responsible home and environment.

DHEx uses the services off Houndtowne, Inc. to facilitate the adoption process between the dog of your interest  and potential adopters like you. Before submitting the application you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of Houndtowne, Inc. as your information will be stored on their servers. You information will not be shared with any third party.

On-line Adoption Application