Rescue groups are in URGENT need of flight buddies. Are you flying from the UAE or Qatar to North America or Europe? Will your flight be without a stop or connection? There are many special dogs waiting — sometimes over months — to go home.

If you are flying during this holiday season, help Express a Dog who is desperately waiting to go to it’s new home.

How? All you need to do is meet us at the airport. There will be no costs to you. The paper work required for the departure and entry into country of destination and all payment is prepared in advance. Your flight buddy will fly with you on your baggage ticket.

Upon arrival, you will be met at your destination airport to hand your buddy off.

That’s it!

And as a flight buddy you will have completed the critical link to help and save a special dog in need this holiday season on his or her way to a forever home.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Flight Buddy. Your volunteer help is a simple, but critical step in providing a safe and loving forever home to a hound in need, and making the world a better place!

Privacy Notice: All information you share with DHEx is held in privacy and not shared with any third party other than for it's intended purpose.