Fahrid is just over one year old.  He was taken to the clinic a few months back  but unfortunately, his owner did not return for him.  He he waited and waited through the summer.

He is now out of the clinic and in foster. We’ve learned more about him and he is back to his true self.  Fahrid is a true hunting Saluki.  While gentle and very relaxed in the home setting, he is keen, alert and will need a home where he can show his stuff — ability to run (and yes, he is FAST!) and chase in safe open places. And to explore and watch.  This is what he loves to do.  It gives him the stimulation he needs and what he lives for.

He is used to cats (indoors) and other dogs and even  kids.  Fahrid would make the perfect companion Saluki boy for the active and experienced sighthound home.

If you are interested in adoption, please visit our application page.

Fahrid is waiting for the life he deserves!