26 December 2017

Actually, his name is Bozo. But he IS a little joker.

A few weeks ago a dear lady reached out to us.

She had rescued a pup found in an empty lot in her neighborhood. He had been lying there for a few days and no one was looking for him and there was no mother or litter mates around.  He was being taunted and teased by those who do not know better. 

She took him and to the vet. He was about three months old. She has given him love, and activity and would want nothing more that to keep him as a family member. But as often the case, the landlord wants the dog out — like yesterday.

Bozo, a male Saluki Mix, is now going on four months old and is in safe foster. He is intelligent and beautiful and available for adoption to the right home.  He can travel to a forever home when a flight is found.

If you want to know more about this playful and smart pup, please contact us with the contact form on this web site or fill out an adoption application.

Bozo is the name his rescue angle gave him….and do not laugh. It is a great name for this little clown of a character!