Rio and Cleo are “pure bred” mixes.  We do not know the mix, but we do know the lovely Mom, who we think was a Saluki/Lab/Desert mix.  She had a litter of seven pups and all are looking for homes.  We will update with better photos soon.  But for now, please meet Cleo who is just as affectionate and mischievous as her twin Cleo.

We think these two and others in this litter may have a  mix of “snow dog,” or in other words Siberian Husky.

Why?  because that is unfortunately a breed that is imported in to the Middle East as a fashion accessory and often quickly abandoned onto construction sites after the first shoe or rug is chewed or the “puppy factor” wears off.

These girls are very soon old enough to travel to a forever home where they will never suffer the heat of the desert or danger of life on a construction site or roadside.  If you want to know more about them or any of their litter mates, please contact us. Or complete an adoption application found at the bottom of the adoption page.   

Thank you!