Beautiful Sophia is ready adoption.

Sophia was found living on the streets and she would quietly hide out in a hole she dug into the ground.  She would come out at night into a courtyard where she knew someone was leaving food for her. 

We do not know how long she was living on the streets, but we think it was from a very early age.  Maybe as young as a few weeks.  But somehow she survived.

She survived by being as cautious and quiet as possible.  When we took her in, she was so timid, she scrambled to the furthest corner, put her head against the wall and made herself small.  We gave her space to show us the way.

In time, she came to trust her humans and seek out our attention.  Now, there is nothing she loves more than a belly rub and a little attention and play. In fact, she is now so confident and so playful it is hard to imagine the pup from just a few weeks ago!

Sophia is a gentle soul and good with children.

If you want to know more about this Saluki girl who is looking for her forever companions, please contact us or send an adoption application.