We call them the “Ed-City Pups” because, well, they were found under a container in Education City in Doha.

Names? After the institutions of higher education located in Education City, where they were born, of course. Tex for Texas A&M and Andy after Andrew Carnegie of Carnegie Mellon.You can be sure that Andy and Tex are very smart pups!  After all, they are Saluki mixes.

Back in May and with the help of gentlemen working on the site, we were able to move them to safety before the summer heat set in and chances of survival were low. The men were so happy to help and happy to see the pups on their way to safety. As the foreman said as we departed, “they are all now going to heaven!” With your help we can make that happen.

These siblings are now ready for adoption.  Andy, and Tex are now looking and waiting for their home. Gina is adopted and enjoying being the princess of the her new palace.  We are so happy for her.

If you want to know more about Tex or Andy, please contact us.

Tex says thanks!!