26 December 2017Zahrah is adopted. And Lina is available for adoption through Puppy Paws, Maryland.  If you want to know more about Lovely Lina, please contact Puppy Paws of Maryland. 

11 November 2017. Ok, neither Zahrah nor Lina have   had their bath yet.  Zahra_LIAfter all, they made their way off the streets just this afternoon. But we wanted to tell you about these special girls now.

Both Saluki girls are safe and will go to the vet and get their check up and warm bath in the morning.  We will update then.


But for now, their story is that they appear to be litter mates and are about 9-11 months old.  They were first sighted on a median of a busy road last summer. 23130820_10154829001102161_4187996728612619458_n Since then there had been many sightings when they would come out at night to each and socialize.  And socialize they would!  Greeting those who would feed them and sitting on top of cars to watch the traffic go by.  But we knew that their lives were in danger.  It was only a matter of time.

22851808_10154758977811401_1588428488803753570_nWhile timid, Zahra and Lina had a good street sense of who was friend and who could be foe. But they obviously had friends in the neighborhood as they were ready for greeting and cuddles from any friendly visitors.

Zarah and Lina need a home.  If you are interested in learning more about them, please contact us at contact@dhex.org with the subject line Zahra or Lina.