16-week-old, Golden Retriever, Jasper peek out a car window while enjoying a wind on his face during a car ride to Lake of Ozark State Park.
16-week-old, Golden Retriever, Jasper peek out a car window while enjoying a wind on his face during a car ride to Lake of Ozark State Park.

We Are On Our Way!

DHEx is Getting Ready to Send Hounds of Love Home

What is the Desert Hound Express (DHEx) and why Desert?

It is a 501 (c) (3) non profit pubic charity founded in May 2015. Our mission is to aid in the welfare and re-homing of dogs from the Middle East and elsewhere.

We will help with the costs and facilitate coordination of the many steps needed for effective animal rescue — from the initial vet examination, to help finding fosters to assisting with flight buddies, to expressing dogs to a forever and safe home.

This way the local rescue groups and individuals can concentrate on what they do best — rescue those dogs, often under dangerous circumstances, and get them to shelter, safety and a home.

To help raise funds for the care and transport of rescued dogs, we depend on your membership or a donation to the Foundation, which can be even applied to specific dog you want to support. If you name a dog for your donation, we will make sure funds are directed to the care and transport of that particular dog. Donations may qualify for a tax deduction.

And if you are able to volunteer, foster a dog or even adopt a dog, we’ll help get you in touch with the rescue group or individual to make that happen.

The Blog section of the web site will feature dogs in need, their stories and who you need to contact.

What is a Flight Buddy?

A Flight Buddy is the most critical link to expressing these hounds to safety. To help coordinate this,  we’ve set up a Flight Buddy Central.  This resource is for rescue groups to connect their dogs with potential Flight Buddies. Please visit the Flight Buddy Central, learn more about it and add your name to bring a dog home.

Ok, so that is basically what we are about and what we  do, but ….

How Did We Get Here?

Our love of Salukis and other Sight Hounds drew us to the ongoing plight of these these ancient, amazing and intelligent dogs which are indigenous to the Middle East.

And that led us to the desperate need of many wonderful dogs in a part of the world where shelters are very few, crowded and struggling for everything from food donations to searching for flight buddies to help pay veterinarian bills.

Countries such as the UAE or Qatar are populated by a large transient community. Sadly, as this community grows so does the number of lost, abused and abandoned dogs. This is not a situation that will change over night. At this time animal welfare is, for the most part, only supported by private initiatives and grass roots efforts by the local and ex-pat populations.  Awareness and change to relieve this may take many years.

Meanwhile, through the cooperative efforts of the Desert Hound Express Foundation, we can support the angels on the ground as they tirelessly work to improve conditions for the population and save amazing dogs from dire circumstances and get them to safety and a home forever.