2nd Chance

2nd Chance Rescue: Qatar

They are the Pioneers.  Pioneers in organized animal rescue and shelter, that is.

2nd Chance may be pioneers in creating a shelter for dogs, but they depend upon volunteers struggling to feed and exercise hundreds of dogs. 2nd Chance started with five dogs in their care and currently has over 150 dogs with increasingly limited resources.

We hope to feature their dogs, available for adoption, on our blog and to assist in direct payment for food, medical care and exit transport costs for dogs.

You can follow and like 2nd Chance on Facebook.




Paws Rescue QatarPaw

Paws Rescue of Qatar is a fantastic grass roots volunteer group of some of the most dedicated and tireless and amazing people you’ll ever meet.

With the support of local Qatari citizens dedicated to improving the fate of abandoned and rescued dogs, the team at PAWS RESCUE was able to build a shelter to support their rescue mission.  We’ll feature many of their dogs looking for the express off the streets, out of shelters and into loving homes

But don’t stop here go visit Paws Rescue


Studio Lisica

Ismet Lisica created our elegant logo.

He’s been recognized as a leading young talent by the World Economic Forum.  That is a big deal.

And he is a part of the The Global Shapers Community — a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.

Ismet’s work spans from graphic and product design through to film production and branding.

He has served as the ambassador of Bosnia at Prince of Jordan’s Generation for Peace program (2011). His art and design work has been exhibited … well just about everywhere in the world.

So as you can imagine, we at DHEx are more than honored to have the support a dear talent who has helped us with our message.

We think the logo captures what we and all our volunteers and associates strive to – quickly and safely move wonderful hounds out of danger or shelters and to homes.

We really like his work and also hope you do as well.



Noppadol Paothong: Art of Nature

Some of the higher quality photos of dogs in movement were provided to us by the tremendously talented nature photographer, Noppadol Paothong .

We think is work is gorgeous and hope that someday Noppadol will have the opportunity to visit and photograph the beautiful dogs in the care of volunteers we support.

Meanwhile, we can only continue to enjoy the amazing and beautiful images he captures in his work.



When Mike Mcfadem of Sunburst Logo in St. Louis heard our story, the first thing he said was “what you are doing is important.  How can I also help?”

So with that he provided us with high quality t-shirts and” hoodies” for our members and fund raising at a price usually available for orders of thousands of t-shirts.

Maybe someday in the future we will need thousands, but for now, thank you Mike!