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A Meeting of Hearts and Minds

Zahra and Lina

Lina (2)

11 November 2017. Ok, neither Zahra nor Lina have   had their bath yet.  Zahra_LIAfter all, they made their way off the streets just this afternoon. But we wanted to tell you about these special girls now.

Both Saluki girls are safe and will go to the vet and get their check up and warm bath in the morning.  We will update then.


But for now, their story is that they appear to be litter mates and are about 9-11 months old.  They were first sighted on a median of a busy road last summer. 23130820_10154829001102161_4187996728612619458_n Since then there had been many sightings when they would come out at night to each and socialize.  And socialize they would!  Greeting those who would feed them and sitting on top of cars to watch the traffic go by.  But we knew that their lives were in danger.  It was only a matter of time.

22851808_10154758977811401_1588428488803753570_nWhile timid, Zahra and Lina had a good street sense of who was friend and who could be foe. But they obviously had friends in the neighborhood as they were ready for greeting and cuddles from any friendly visitors.

Zarah and Lina need a home.  If you are interested in learning more about them, please contact us at contact@dhex.org with the subject line Zahra or Lina.







Rima is about eight months old. Rima_5 She has the very typical Saluki temperament — playful, affectionate, sensitive and smart.  And yes, she will be fast on her feet!

After getting her safely off the streets and into great foster, she is now in the US and waiting for a great home in North America.

She is cat curious and loves to play with other dogs.  She will do best in a home with another friendly dog or a pack to join.   She wants to make new friends.

If you are interestedrima7d in learning more about Rima, please write us at contact@dhex.org  She is ready to go to her forever home in a few short weeks and sure would like to hear from you! rima6




P1070293Sweet Amy is about one-year-old. She is a Saluki-X.  Which means she is a Saluki, but there may be a little something else in there.  Whatever she is, she is a petite, friendly desert girl looking for an active home she can call her own.  So we will just call her “Desert Amy.”


She loves all people, cats and other dogs. In fact, she wants to play with other dogs so much that sometimes her doggie mates must remind her her of puppy manners.  But smart and sensitive as she is, she is learning fast.  She is an absolute pleasure for all!.

Amy can travel anywhere in North America and Europe.  If you want to know more about sweet Amy, please write us at contact@dhex.org



Welfare and Population Control


Today we kicked off an initiative to have fewer dogs that need homes.

In a perfect world our four legged friends would not need to tell you their stories and ask to be taken into your families.  The fewer dogs in need, the better.


With the support of, and coordination with a large construction site, we kicked off a program to spay and neuter all dogs living out there.  This is one of many construction sites populated with dogs.  And the population of stray dogs is exploding with development and growth in the Middle East. We hope to see other initiatives to spay and neuter all stray dogs.

But we were not there soon enough: There is currently a young litter of puppies. Luckily, all will be going to their new homes in the next weeks.  For now they are safe and well cared for and a shelter for the puppies is now under construction.   And word is another litter was just born. We do not want to see anymore born out there.

To prevent the scramble to protect and place puppies, is the need to control population growth of dogs that will be subject to suffering and abuse.  It is that simple.

The first two gents were brought in today after a smooth and successful rescue/capture.  They will soon be returned to their home and the life they know — where they are fed, safe and have socialization.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress as we bring more in for spaying and neutering. But we could not do it without your continued support. Even a small contribution goes far to secure the welfare and safety of our four legged friends.  Thank you all!