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A Meeting of Hearts and Minds



June 16, 2017: Meet Herbie.  Otherwise known by his foster family in Qatar simply as “Love Bug.”  We do not have to convince you that Herbie is super affectionate and loves people – you can see it in his eyes! (He also really likes other dogs and we hear he ignores cats.)


We know little about Herbie’s background. He is about one-and-a-half years old and a Smooth Saluki X.  This means he is fast, loves to run and has a lot of endurance and health. Yes, he is lean, but that is how they are. Herbie bonds deeply to his people and enjoys daily stimulation and exercise.  While he knows where he belongs and wants to stay at your side, he is a sight hound and curious about all the stuff he “sees.”


Herbie was found on the streets or an industrial site in Qatar and then taken to a provisional boarding facility.  Unfortunately he did fare well there and did not get the exercise and nutrition needed for this beautiful boy.  He was released to a wonderful foster who  gave Herbie the best of care, exercise and love. Just look at him now!

Herbie is ready for adoption and he can go anywhere in North America.  If you want to know more about him, please write us at contact@dhex.org with the subject line “Herbie.”


We hope to hear from you so we can tell you more about Herbie, the “Love Bug.”

The Desert Six



December 16, 2016 Pablo, Rusty, Jack, Hazar, Sami and Anna.   Five males and a fem20161202_095430-2ale.  They were found in a remote and isolated place in the desert with their other littler mates who did not survive.  It was by chance we were out there (with some larger hounds for a run) and by chance we were in that region.  It was meant to be.

img-20161202-wa0006-2So we quickly got them water and into the car.  We knew they would be fine.  They are growing fast and for now we will call them a Saluki-X as we do not know who the parents are or could be.  We will know more about them in the next weeks and months.  In three months they will be ready for travel to North America.  In around five months to Europe.  Hazar will be going to his new home soon.

Anna and Rusty are now in foster and waiting for someone to love them.  We call them the twins, but they are not and can be separated.20161203_191151-2

Jack is the smallest of the litter but has a personality to outshine!  img-20161214-wa0013-2Pablo will be the White Prince.  We see him strutting in front of the others already.  When he is not taking one of his long naps, that is!

img-20161216-wa0006-2And Sami? He is Jack’s twin. Sami had an abscess on his forehead, which needed surgical treatment. 

p1050016You’d think that nothing was amiss as he played and chased the others like there was no tomorrow! We will post a beauty portrait of Sami soon.

In the next days we will also post a follow up on each of the six with their own blog page.  If you are interested in learning more about these Saluki-X pups that were meant to be found, please write us at contact@dhex.org


Frankie….a female pup


frankie_22 Feb. 2017: Frankie was an emergency rescue. This Saluki pup was hiding under a car while children were taunting her and throwing stones at her out of their own fear of another.

She was taken in by a family that was not familiar with dogs, but knew, no matter what,  they could not leave her to that fate. In fact, the dear family thought Frankie was a he — so she was named Frankie.  The name stuck but he is, indeed, a she.

Frankie needs a foster and or course a forever home.

She is about four months old and is under veterinary care for her vaccinations, etc.  She is in very good condition.

If you want to know more about Frankie for adoption, or can foster her while she waits for her forever home, please contact us at: contact@dhex.org 

More photos to come soon!





Jan 31, 2017:  Paco is a special Saluki, what some like to call a “functional Saluki.”  He has the rare, but not unknown amber eyes.

P1050448We think he is about a year old.  He was living the life on various construction sites far outside of Doha, making the rounds to his favorite workers, who apparently took care of him since he appeared there as a small pup.  On the weekends, we understand he would follow the men to the sea and join them for early morning fishing.  But they knew he would not be safe with them when their work finished and the sites would be closed down.


Paco is not a show dog and will not do show doggie tricks. (Well, to make you happy he might.)   He is too smart for that.  He is scary smart and affectionate. Greeting visitors as if he has always known you.  And ignores cats and loves to play with other dogs.  After all, he is still somewhat of a puppy.

If you want to know more about Paco, please write us at: contact@dhex.org




2UPDATE:  August 28, 2016:  I made a great big trip to San Francisco, and was adopted by beautiful people.  I am so happy now!   Everything happened so fast and I met so many great humans on this journey from living under a car to the hills of Northern California.  Thank you all!

A few days ago a nice family saw me running across the highway.  I don’t remember what I was running from.  I think I was looking for my puppy mates, but they were so friendlyNora2 and nice I wanted to go with them.  They took me to their apartment.  I could finally relax and I slept a long time that first day with the kind people.

But they could not keep me  The manager of their building said that they would have to leave if they kept a dog.  I was also nervous because I could feel they were nervous, so I barked when I heard sounds outside their door.  I just wanted to let know there might be danger.

Anyway, I am now in a clinic in Doha and I need to get to a foster home soon!  The Vets here are so sweet.  I love it when they come to see me.  My tail wags so fast they laugh, but I cannot help it.  I am just happy to see them. They say I am a very healthy six-month-old female.  (I knew that already!)

Nora1I now have all my first shots.  I can go to North America in four weeks.  But first I need to get out of this clinic and into a foster home, and then I need to get a flight out of Doha.  Can you be my foster, my flight buddy or even better, can you be my forever home?

I am a good girl and will make you very happy.  I promise!

Please write me at Nora@dhex.org.  I hope I can hear from you soon.

Puppy kisses,

Nora xxxx

Welfare and Population Control


Today we kicked off an initiative to have fewer dogs that need homes.

In a perfect world our four legged friends would not need to tell you their stories and ask to be taken into your families.  The fewer dogs in need, the better.


With the support of, and coordination with a large construction site, we kicked off a program to spay and neuter all dogs living out there.  This is one of many construction sites populated with dogs.  And the population of stray dogs is exploding with development and growth in the Middle East. We hope to see other initiatives to spay and neuter all stray dogs.

But we were not there soon enough: There is currently a young litter of puppies. Luckily, all will be going to their new homes in the next weeks.  For now they are safe and well cared for and a shelter for the puppies is now under construction.   And word is another litter was just born. We do not want to see anymore born out there.

To prevent the scramble to protect and place puppies, is the need to control population growth of dogs that will be subject to suffering and abuse.  It is that simple.

The first two gents were brought in today after a smooth and successful rescue/capture.  They will soon be returned to their home and the life they know — where they are fed, safe and have socialization.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress as we bring more in for spaying and neutering. But we could not do it without your continued support. Even a small contribution goes far to secure the welfare and safety of our four legged friends.  Thank you all!