frankie_2UPDATE:  Frankie is adopted. 

2 Feb. 2017: Frankie was an emergency rescue. This Saluki pup was hiding under a car while children were taunting her and throwing stones at her out of their own fear of another.

She was taken in by a family that was not familiar with dogs, but knew, no matter what,  they could not leave her to that fate. In fact, the dear family thought Frankie was a he — so she was named Frankie.  The name stuck but he is, indeed, a she.

Frankie needs a foster and or course a forever home.

She is about four months old and is under veterinary care for her vaccinations, etc.  She is in very good condition.

If you want to know more about Frankie for adoption, or can foster her while she waits for her forever home, please contact us at: 

More photos to come soon!