2UPDATE:  August 28, 2016:  I made a great big trip to San Francisco, and was adopted by beautiful people.  I am so happy now!   Everything happened so fast and I met so many great humans on this journey from living under a car to the hills of Northern California.  Thank you all!

A few days ago a nice family saw me running across the highway.  I don’t remember what I was running from.  I think I was looking for my puppy mates, but they were so friendlyNora2 and nice I wanted to go with them.  They took me to their apartment.  I could finally relax and I slept a long time that first day with the kind people.

But they could not keep me  The manager of their building said that they would have to leave if they kept a dog.  I was also nervous because I could feel they were nervous, so I barked when I heard sounds outside their door.  I just wanted to let know there might be danger.

Anyway, I am now in a clinic in Doha and I need to get to a foster home soon!  The Vets here are so sweet.  I love it when they come to see me.  My tail wags so fast they laugh, but I cannot help it.  I am just happy to see them. They say I am a very healthy six-month-old female.  (I knew that already!)

Nora1I now have all my first shots.  I can go to North America in four weeks.  But first I need to get out of this clinic and into a foster home, and then I need to get a flight out of Doha.  Can you be my foster, my flight buddy or even better, can you be my forever home?

I am a good girl and will make you very happy.  I promise!

Please write me at Nora@dhex.org.  I hope I can hear from you soon.

Puppy kisses,

Nora xxxx