UPDATE:  Paco is adopted.

Jan 31, 2017:  Paco is a special Saluki, what some like to call a “functional Saluki.”  He has the rare, but not unknown amber eyes.

P1050448We think he is about a year old.  He was living the life on various construction sites far outside of Doha, making the rounds to his favorite workers, who apparently took care of him since he appeared there as a small pup.  On the weekends, we understand he would follow the men to the sea and join them for early morning fishing.  But they knew he would not be safe with them when their work finished and the sites would be closed down.


Paco is not a show dog and will not do show doggie tricks. (Well, to make you happy he might.)   He is too smart for that.  He is scary smart and affectionate. Greeting visitors as if he has always known you.  And ignores cats and loves to play with other dogs.  After all, he is still somewhat of a puppy.

If you want to know more about Paco, please write us at: contact@dhex.org