August 6, 2017. She is now safe.  But before that, she was hiding in brush behind a restaurant along a busy round-about.  Over the weeks there had been a few sightings.  RimaAnd at night, when the weather was cooler, she would creep out from the brush to the back of the restaurant for food the workers would leave for her.

But this was not safe for Rima, and any day, she risked being shot or hit by a car.  Then after a few messages and a short call, a dear person immediately got into his car, found her and whisked her away to safety.  Rima is about five months old. Rima_2Rima_5 She has the very typical Saluki temperament — playful, affectionate, sensitive and smart.  And yes, she will be fast on her feet!

If you are interested in learning more about Rima, please write us at with “Rima” as the subject line. She will be ready to go to her forever home in a few short weeks.

Meanwhile, here is Rima at play!