December 16, 2016 Pablo, Rusty, Jack, Hazar, Sami and Anna.   Five males and a fem20161202_095430-2ale.  They were found in a remote and isolated place in the desert with their other littler mates who did not survive.  It was by chance we were out there (with some larger hounds for a run) and by chance we were in that region.  It was meant to be.

img-20161202-wa0006-2So we quickly got them water and into the car.  We knew they would be fine.  They are growing fast and for now we will call them a Saluki-X as we do not know who the parents are or could be.  We will know more about them in the next weeks and months.  In three months they will be ready for travel to North America.  In around five months to Europe.  Hazar will be going to his new home soon.

Anna and Rusty are now in foster and waiting for someone to love them.  We call them the twins, but they are not and can be separated.20161203_191151-2

Jack is the smallest of the litter but has a personality to outshine!  img-20161214-wa0013-2Pablo will be the White Prince.  We see him strutting in front of the others already.  When he is not taking one of his long naps, that is!

img-20161216-wa0006-2And Sami? He is Jack’s twin. Sami had an abscess on his forehead, which needed surgical treatment. 

p1050016You’d think that nothing was amiss as he played and chased the others like there was no tomorrow! We will post a beauty portrait of Sami soon.

In the next days we will also post a follow up on each of the six with their own blog page.  If you are interested in learning more about these Saluki-X pups that were meant to be found, please write us at