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In much of the world the plight of domestic animals is dire.  In the Gulf States, in particular, the population of stray and abandoned animals continues to explode.

Desert Hound Express (DHEx) was established in 2015 as a 501(c)(3) not for profit charity to assist individuals and grass roots volunteer organizations with the welfare and rehoming of dogs to safety, care and forever homes.


Adoption is part of rescue. Only with adoption is the long road of rescue complete. Without adopters, there is no rescue.


To support ongoing care, shelter and transport (most dogs receive no financial sponsorship) online donations can be made with credit card or Paypal.


Fostering makes the difference in saving lives and offers the opportunity to enjoy a companion without the long term commitment that many are unable to make.


At no cost, you can offer a magic carpet to safety. It is rewarding and is the vital link to completing a rescue.



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