Every Donation Helps

You can help with a direct donation to aid a dog listed in the Blog section of this web site. If you want your donation to go to a specific dog, please enter this as a note in your pay pal donation.

If the financial needs for a dog you name are met, please indicate if you wish your funds to be returned or applied elsewhere as needed.

Every single donation is appreciated and no matter how small, it will greatly help!

As Desert Hound Express is a US public charity, you donation may be tax deductible.


Safety through Fostering

There are few Animal Shelters in the Middle East. Most all shelters are private initiatives operating a shoe string and hope. And all are full.

The alternative to a shelter is abuse and injury on the streets, or certain death in the desert.

But there is another way to help.  Provide a Foster home for a day, a week or even a few months.

For those who have the ability, time and love of animals fostering will not only relieve over-filled shelters, but give a dog a temporary healthy, safe and caring environment where he can learn to live in harmony with a family.  It is a rewarding experience.



A Forever Home

What does a “Forever Home” home mean?

To bring a dog into your life is a great big decision. If fact, it is not for most people as a dog has needs that many of us simply cannot provide.

Dogs are not a product to go buy at a store as if one were buying a toy or clothing only to throw out when broken or fashion and circumstances change.  Dogs are sentient beings with the same emotions we humans share — fear, loneliness, attachment and love.

To bring a dog into your home is a decision made after you know that you will be able to give the dog what he or she needs in its forever life.